We are already found

We begin to find and become ourselves when we notice how we are already found, already truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvelously who we were born to be. (Anne Lamott

When I say I’m trying to find my true self — who I really am — you can be sure I already know the truth, but that I don’t like who I really am.

Joseph Campbell (drawing a parallel with the snake that sheds a layer of skin it has outgrown) said, “The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come.” But, in actuality, a snake’s new skin is already there, beneath the old one … and it begins to appear as the old skin peels away.


Anne Lamott’s article (first posted on oprah.com,  and shared on Soulseeds) is called Becoming the Person You Were Meant to Be: Where to Start.

Dedicated to thoughtful examination …

My art is poetry, I deal in language and incantation, believing that poetry and oratory can invoke change.  Others follow a different path, preferring to draw out the healing properties of plants and salves. (Brother James Wise)

According to a blog I found today, “The Order of Mendicants (OM) is an initiatory, ecumenical religious order dedicated to thoughtful examination of all Faces of the Divine, while training Spiritual Directors to serve the needs of Community. The OM transcends the jurisdiction of any specific dogma, theology or religion toward the attainment of a more holistic approach to Divinity.”

All of which has appeal …

The truth … yet to be invented

But as soon as I started examining I would hear him incanting: ‘The truth of oneself is not hidden inside, it has yet to be invented.’ (Ewan Morrison, in Ménage)

The proposition, that there is no hidden self that needs to be discovered, but rather the opportunity to invent oneself was perhaps more succinctly put by George Bernard Shaw: “Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”

But Morrison’s novel starts to kick the notion around from early on. I’m looking forward to the rest of the game.

Morrison, Ewan. 2009. Ménage. London: Jonathan Cape [p26]

I am

I am the bliss I seek:
I am the pilgrim
I am the path
I am the journey
I am the destination

Not a new poem, but something I wrote a number of years ago to summarise my understanding of the nature of the Path.