A single magic, a single power …

gutter view (10 Nov 2011)

gutter view (10 Nov 2011)



You know quite well, deep within you, that there is only a single magic, a single power, a single salvation … and that is called loving. Well then, love your suffering. Do not resist it, do not flee from it. It is only your aversion to it that hurts, nothing else.

(Hermann Hesse)

A bundle of “tough stuff” has been showing up in my space lately – difficult, painful, life-and-death stuff that has taken me progressively deeper into the heart of love.

But now what is this I have in my hand? Could it be a master-key?

My secret is safe with you

The Illuminati are alleged to be the primary motivational forces encouraging global governance, a one-world religious ethic, and centralized control of the world’s economic systems. Organizations such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the International Criminal Court are seen as tentacles of the Illuminati.

eye triangle (21 Feb 2012)

eye triangle (21 Feb 2012)

… the Illuminati are the driving force behind efforts to brainwash the gullible masses through thought control and manipulation of beliefs, through the press, the educational curriculum, and the political leadership of the nations. (from What is the Illuminati conspiracy?)

The Skeptic’s Dictionary  asserts that “The Illuminati was a secret society in Bavaria in the late 18th century. .. They fancied themselves to be ‘enlightened’ but they had little success and were destroyed within fifteen years of their origin.”

Wikipedia has an article on the topic, which it says is in the process of being translated from Illuminaten in the German-language Wikipedia.

Dedicated to thoughtful examination …

My art is poetry, I deal in language and incantation, believing that poetry and oratory can invoke change.  Others follow a different path, preferring to draw out the healing properties of plants and salves. (Brother James Wise)

According to a blog I found today, “The Order of Mendicants (OM) is an initiatory, ecumenical religious order dedicated to thoughtful examination of all Faces of the Divine, while training Spiritual Directors to serve the needs of Community. The OM transcends the jurisdiction of any specific dogma, theology or religion toward the attainment of a more holistic approach to Divinity.”

All of which has appeal …

Spelling … of a kind

Poetry is a form of magic, and every word we put on paper is a kind of spell. … Magic is for healing, and the poet is healed in the act of writing, but the poem changes the world, too … (The Rag Tree, in The Romance of the Long-Distance Poet)

In quoting these two brief passages from a single piece – joined and separated by the three dots to which I seem so attached – I have drawn out a single thread from what is a richly-woven piece, a sleeve on which its writer’s heart might safely be pinned.

Even as I write these words, a mad tangle of knitted and knotted notions comes to mind; but my instinct is to call up a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins: Spelt from Sibyl’s Leaves … and from there to leap nimbly into comments Ben Belitt made about it: “… the poem aims at the binding of a spell rather than the dispelling of a riddle. The answers, like the riddle itself, will be recondite, delphic, and multiple: they will tantalize even while they divulge. Thus, the ‘spelling’ is at once a lettering and an incantation …”

You might like to take a look at the Ben Belitt essay, Hopkins Transforming: “It Changed Beautiful Changes”.

Belitt, Ben. 1995. The forgéd feature: toward a poetics of uncertainty: new and selected essays. New York, NY: Fordham University Press. [p266]

A picture of reality

The magician will always be looking for opportunities to create his own magickal system of the world. He will be looking always for ideas and the simplest of elements, to be found anywhere, from which there will emerge a picture of reality, his reality. (Michael Bertiaux)

These words – part of the quotation posted on Ewakening on 17 October 2010 – have triggered in my mind a line of thinking I want to pursue. More to come …