Après un rêve

walnut in spring (31 Oct 2012)

walnut in spring (31 Oct 2012)

Switching my computer on, this morning – and committed to writing – I was in little doubt that material from my dream would find its way into the text. There was something about a woman I loved many years ago returning as a friend. And a bouquet of apparently unrelated images.

Après un rêve, I typed, attempting to impose some semblance of order on my unruly thoughts.

Nothing much came of it. But it did turn out that this morning’s “Composer of the Week” radio talk began with an instrumental arrangement of Gabriel Fauré’s lovely melodie, Après un rêve.

There are numerous versions of this song on YouTube, and some of the comments make interesting reading. I have not listened to them all, but was taken with two: the first, by Véronique Gens (Roger Vignoles, piano); and there’s a splendid version by Barbara Hendricks, accompanied by Michel Dalberto.

Here’s to the man in the green coat

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony was premiered on 7 May 1824. So here’s to Ludwig van Beethoven (who wore a green coat to the premiere).

And here’s the “Som Sabadell flashmob” version of the Finale, which was published on 31 May 2012 to mark the 130th anniversary of the founding of Banco Sabadell.

Still shot from "Som Sabadell flashmob" version of the Finale from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

Still shot from “Som Sabadell flashmob” version of the Finale from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony