Okay, what now?

afternoon light #192 (01 Sep 2011)

afternoon light #192 (01 Sep 2011)

Okay, so now I’ve reset the password on my |cross-ties| blog – and thus am once again able to post to it. So let me take a few minutes to figure out why I’ve bothered to do so.

Recently, a friend asked me to help him work on an essay for his blog. The project stimulated me to undertake a significant amount of research – not only because I thought the piece would benefit, but also because I got into the politics underlying the topic. I’ve never been too keen on politics, unless they are crucially related to some particular subject I’m writing about.

My friend’s essay finally weighed in at more than 4,000 words – which I don’t imagine I’ll ever find cause to emulate – but I do like the idea of writing another thesis.

The thing is: I really enjoyed the process.

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