Conversation with a painter

found art (22 April 2015)

found art (22 April 2015)

The man up the ladder turns to see what I’m up to.

“It’s okay, I’m not photographing you,” I say, hoping to reassure him.

He’s puzzled. “Why would you photograph a wall that hasn’t been painted?”

“Because it’s art,” I assert, taking a second shot for good measure.

“S’pose you’re right,” he ventures, with a half-smile.

PS: The Boon Brothers know their café is cool. Located in the ground floor of the Opera House, it’s called Crumpet. Lately, the gracious old lady’s been undergoing a facelift.


2 thoughts on “Conversation with a painter

  1. It’s reassuring to learn I’m not the only one under scrutiny when photographing… Thanks for sharing this little anecdote. Ah, yes, and I love the picture, but that’s no big surprise, I guess.

    • Thanks, Tobias. I’m still often reluctant to ‘intrude’ into a prospective subject’s space … but I suspect that masters of the camera learned not to let that fear come between them and a great shot.

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