First flowers (kōwhai)

first flowers (kōwhai), 13 July 2013

first flowers (kōwhai), 13 July 2013

Florists are no longer reliable signallers of seasonal change: commercial growers supply jonquils and irises in autumn, and roses and orchids are available throughout the year. But I’ve always trusted the sequence of events in suburban gardens.

In the corner of my courtyard, an Iceberg standard rose still hangs on to a few windblown blooms, and there’s a brave, contorted Daphne perfuming the air just beyond. The blue hydrangea received its annual dead-heading a couple of days ago, but I’m not sure when to prune the roses.

Passing through Lower Hutt yesterday, I spotted a splendid pink magnolia beginning to break into bloom … which reminded me that, in Eastbourne, a week earlier, I’d photographed my first kōwhai flowers of the season.

There’s a pathetic little lilium longiflorum flower in a friend’s garden, but that might just be a symptom of climate change confusion.

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    • Thanks for your concern and your prayers. There has been a swarm of quakes (more than 100) – the biggest reported at 6.5 (Richter). No reports of injury, although a few city buildings lost glass. Many shops and offices, banks and businesses were closed, railway services cancelled. Wellington Airport has checked its runways, etc. The chances of another big earthquake in the immediate future are dwindling again, having been quoted at 1 in 3 last evening.

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