The medium is the massage


97 Victoria (26 March 2013)

97 Victoria (26 March 2013)

The white tag is one I’ve begun to recognize,  although I can’t begin to decipher the letters.

The word ‘TOWER’ is part of a two-word phrase I suspect of being an anti-capitalist slogan.

The orange-red initials? Territorial marking, perhaps.

Recognition and familiarity are by no means synonymous with legibility, and comprehension does not necessarily follow.

Some degree of communication has taken place, nevertheless.

In noticing and photographing, Photoshopping and posting, I have made it art, have I not?

The premises upstairs at 97 Victoria Street used to be a brothel. More recently, Club 97 offered massage. It seems not to have succeeded.

“Any work of art that can be understood is the product of journalism” (Tristan Tzara)

“The medium is the massage.” (Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore)

2 thoughts on “The medium is the massage

  1. I thought I heard Marshall McLuhan say the medium was the message (in a Woody Allen film, of all places), but the medium being the massage may work even better. Just imagine, while you’re lying down and enjoying the pummeling and the kneading, your masseur/euse also delivers a message from the other world!

    • Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore collaborated to produce a book titled The Medium is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects. The title is a play on McLuhan’s oft-quoted saying “The medium is the message” (click on the link above).

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