Counting syllables

cross light (09 Apr 2012)

cross light (09 Apr 2012)




Counting syllables –
is this what makes a haiku?
Here’s mine! Now your turn.

(19 April 2013)


Haiku follows very strict and complex rules (form and context). … In practice, everyone make his/her style that is more or less far from the classical haiku. (from “A few rules …” on a French site called temps libres : free times)

The list of rules is extensive, spiced with contradictions, and lightly seasoned with mistranslations and errata. Make of them what you will.

There’s one I like especially: “Respect the Buddhist attitude, to observe things far before criticize them, let your haiku express the wordless way of making images. No need of comment.”


The photograph (first posted around a year ago): St Peter’s Apartments, opposite the Anglican Church, Wellington. It was this image, and not the green man, that persuaded me to cross Willis Street this morning.

Monday morning, Easter Weekend, zero traffic … who needs a green man?

5 thoughts on “Counting syllables

  1. Fabulous image! And clever haiku —
    It just happens that this past week my French conversation group had an assignment to write or translate a poem or haiku into French.
    Here’s mine (you had your turn ;-))

    la cloche du temple cesse
    cependant se prolonge le son
    émergeant des fleurs

    Not really mine, of course. Basho’s — but not in French.

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