Serendipity and synchronicity

eco-designer hummingbird

eco-designer hummingbird


The beauty of moments of synchronicity and serendipity is that they are surprising. They take you out of the high protective walls of your mind, shake you out of a comfortable mindset that deludes you into believing that life has predictable patterns that you can control and explain. (Ian Lawton

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung talked of something that is “more than chance, and less than causality” – a meaningful coincidence.

In his recent post – Let the mystery be – Ian Lawton notes that “Birds and creatures so often seem to be agents of meaningful coincidences. The hummingbird appears at particular moments of self reflection as if to remind you to be gentle with yourself.”

After first reading that post, I ducked back to Facebook … and found the eco-designer hummingbird had been posted by one of my friends.

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