Königin der Nacht (auf der Ukulele)

Laila Salome Fischer

Laila Salome Fischer




In honour of Mozart’s birthday, 27 January, here’s a link to Laila Salome Fischer (UkeLaila) performing the Königin der Nacht (Queen of the Night) aria from Mozart’s opera, Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute).

There’s also a YouTube page featuring UkeLaila.

Click here to see  the Mozart post on |A Twisted Pair| for links to Mozart biographical vids.

2 thoughts on “Königin der Nacht (auf der Ukulele)

  1. I love the ukulele, and I love Laila’s voice, and I love The Magic Flute.
    I confess that the three together, though, have fried my brain.
    You come up with the most incredible things!

    • Judith, I confess to having been guided by a mischievous spirit … and, if I’m not mistaken, Wolfgang Gottlieb would likely have shrieked with wicked glee had Laila sung for him.

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