Each mark I make

Each mark I make is a choice belonging to the time I make it. There is no other intention but to compose. (KF Pieters)

An exhibition titled “flowers for the house” by New Zealand painter KF (Kim) Pieters opened a couple of evenings ago (13 August 2012) at Bowen Galleries, Ghuznee Street, Wellington. I found her notes especially interesting. They reminded me again of something I heard recently in a documentary a friend had recorded from the Arts Channel on Sky:  “If a work of art can be understood, it is journalism” – or, more usually, “Any work of art that can be understood is the product of journalism” (Tristan Tzara).

carnival of LYE3 (2004) by KF Pieters

carnival of LYE3 (2004) by KF Pieters

Looking online for more about the work of KF Pieters, I found notes attached to a painting titled carnival of LYE 3 [2004], including the following:

“Predominantly I paint but I also work in other fields: music, photography, graphic design and film. My process is improvisational and principles of improvisation are applied to all these disciplines. The phenomena of being is core to my art, to act and to be, are continually placed. The deliberation, the response, the play, the shifts, the silences and erasure. To mark the moment in the moment, this especially in painting and music.”


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