Cross light

cross light (09 Apr 2012)

cross light (09 Apr 2012)




St Peter’s Apartments, opposite the Anglican Church, Wellington. It was this image, and not the green man, that persuaded me to cross Willis Street this morning.

Monday morning, Easter Weekend, zero traffic … who needs a green man?

8 thoughts on “Cross light

    • Who can blot out the Cross, which th’instrument
      Of God, dew’d on me in the Sacrament?
      Who can deny me power, and liberty
      To stretch mine arms, and mine own Cross to be?
      Swim, and at every stroke, thou art thy Cross;
      The Mast and yard make one, where seas do toss;
      Look down, thou spiest out Crosses in small things;
      Look up, thou seest birds rais’d on crossed wings; (from ‘The Cross’ by John Donne:

  1. Well, well, well —
    I was going to do my doctoral thesis on John Donne when I got sidetracked by writing a novel instead and never got the doctorate —
    I would have said I knew everything by Donne. But you’ve got me here. I’ve never come across it at all, and here you are putting it right out there, and very fine it is too.
    Look down, look up, look across the seas and continents —

  2. It occurred to me, however, to pursue the Green Man: “Found in many cultures around the world, the Green Man is often related to natural vegetative deities springing up in different cultures throughout the ages. Primarily it is interpreted as a symbol of rebirth, or ‘renaissance’, representing the cycle of growth each spring.” Source:

  3. And also as a symbol of freedom to cross the street in safety.
    (I associate the Green Man rather with the Wild Man, as they were often associated in medieval times, e.g. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Are you actively in pursuit of green men in poetry and/or scholarship now?)

    • The “green man” in my post refers directly to the “cross now” light that would ordinarily signal my “freedom to cross the street in safety.”
      On the question of study: I have embarked on a new writing project with the working title, “Walking in the light”. It doesn’t appear likely I will be pursuing wild men or knights, green or otherwise … but I could be mistaken.

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