Spring and autumn

fresh figs (27 Sep 2011)

fresh figs (27 Sep 2011)


The experts say our La Niña weather pattern is coming to an end and we can expect the remainder of our autumn to be warmer than usual. We’ve certainly been having some lovely summery days lately, although the evenings and the mornings have been autumnal.

“The NIWA National Climate Centre’s outlook for late autumn, April to June 2012, indicates air temperatures are likely to be average or above average in the west and south of the South Island, and near average elsewhere,” according to Yahoo’s New Zealand News (30 March)

Looking out at the fig tree in a friend’s sunlit garden a few days ago, I recalled the photos I’d taken back in Spring. And that reminded me of the mystifying story (in both Matthew and Mark) in which Jesus cursed a fig tree and it withered.

In my experience, weather and fig trees in Wellington are equally unpredictable.

You can read about “Figs in the Bible” in Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Figs_in_the_Bible

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