Port St John Creeper

Port St John creeper (07 Mar 2012)

Port St John creeper (07 Mar 2012)


Podranea ricasoliana
Family: Bignoniaceae (Bignonia Family)
Common Names:
Pink Trumpet Vine
Port John’s Creeper
Port St Johns Creeper
Port St Johns-klimop
Queen of Sheba
Zimbabwe Creeper

Today’s image (photographed ten days ago in a friend’s garden) gives a better sense of the colour, form, and texture of these lovely flowers than the image posted on |cross-ties| just over a year ago.

“This tree is not indigenous to Africa,” according to PlantzAfrica.com, “it comes from South America, but it has become naturalised in the warmer parts of South Africa.”

Whilst “not a legally declared pest plant”, the Auckland Regional Council’s website comments on the plant’s impact on the environment in warm areas of New Zealand: “Dense foliage smothers other vegetation. Grows rampantly in warm conditions.”

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council also regards Port St John creeper as a pest. “Hand pull whenever possible or dig plant out at the roots,” its website recommends. “Spray with Glyphosate at 100 ml in 10 litres of water if support plant damage is not an issue. In large stands cut at ground level and treat with herbicide.”


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