Silver signature

silver signature (03 Jan 2012)

silver signature (03 Jan 2012)

“Silver Signature is an elite provider of very high quality, rich and luxurious clothing, specializing in lingerie, loungewear and night wear.” (see

Google can be invaluable in helping us find answers to our questions. But it has another interesting function – as a stimulant to creativity.

When I named this image “silver signature”, did I recall the lyric from The Rocky Horror Show: “Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear” …? Possibly – I can’t be sure. But it certainly came to my attention once I had Googled the phrase, “silver signature”.

If you thought of “silver marks”, chances are you already know about the Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks & Makers’ Marks.

Perhaps you recall Marky Mark Wahlberg, a former rapper whose “claim to fame” was an advertising campaign in which a dog tries to remove his underwear …


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