4 thoughts on “Risky business

  1. @Touch2Touch: See! That’s what I always say when my friends point out that I have a very serious book addiction. I went to the Borders near me for the closing sale and came out with TWENTY books. But seriously, there are WAY worse things I could be addicted to, and I have an addictive personality anyway, so its good that I’m focusing all that energy on something that promotes education, self-awareness, growth, AND entertainment value, and doesn’t cause near as much trouble (or cost as much money) as drugs. Win-win if you ask me.

  2. A high percentage of my friends have a great love of books — and of acquiring them. We can all light-heartedly speak of this topic in terms of its addictive qualities. As with cocaine, however, the real issue is neither the pleasure, nor whether its addictive power is benign or destructive; the real issue is the cost.

  3. xties: Very few of the books I buy remain unread. There is some kind of magic at work when we enter a bookstore; as with pets found at the pound, a book picks us out, and we are not able to resist its appeal, whether it be via cover, blurb, or brief reading. Even when I’m angry for caving in to my impulse, I usually find that the book in question rewards me, and then of course, I can’t imagine living without it. RT

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