The ability to watch something until it changes

“The basic practice in meditation is learning to stay and not running away,” wrote Karl Duffy recently, in a post titled Learning to sit with whatever comes up, on the Mindful Balance blog. “It may seem passive but on the contrary it is a most active way of working towards change.”

Which is a reminder to me to be patient with the processes taking place in my life at present.

patience“The Chinese word for patience or endurance reflects this, combining the character for sword with the character for heart,” Karl explains. “It is a practice which slowly cuts through the power which our fears hold over us.”

Patience is the ability to watch something until it changes. (Ajahn Succitto

Whenever the heart clings and grasps, there is agitation and confusion. When we have contemplated many times the nature of the heart, we will understand that the ways of the heart are just as they are: that’s its nature. If we see this clearly, we can detach from thoughts and feelings without constantly telling ourselves that ”that’s just the way it is”. When the heart truly understands, it lets go of everything. (Venerable Ajahn Chah

One thought on “The ability to watch something until it changes

  1. This is a theme that Pema Chodron is really strong on, I guess she’s my “main man” for it —
    I follow Duffy’s blog as well, and like it a LOT. Maybe I first discovered it here??????

    Patience, perseverance, onward!

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