Calligraphic tag

calligrahic tag (05 June 2011)

calligrahic tag (05 June 2011)




When I was twelve, my science teacher gave me my first lessons in calligraphy — I had volunteered to help write the labels and notices for our school science exhibition.

Those early efforts were not very good. But I kept on practising, tried out various nibs and pen systems, bought books on calligraphy …

It’s been a while since I lettered my last degree certificate — laser printers make it so easy to mass-produce degrees, complete with the graduate’s names and the Chancellor’s signature — but I still get asked, from time to time, to hand-write cards and address envelopes.

These days, I’m enjoying and appreciating the calligraphic wall-work of the local Wellington taggers.   

But check out this fellow: Niels “Shoe” Meulman


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