Any hypothesis is good enough for me

… I believe that literature is part of speculation or wonder, and any hypothesis is good enough for me. (Harold Bloom)

Bloom, Harold. 1989. Ruin the sacred truths : poetry and belief from the Bible to the present. Cambridge, Massachusetts, and London, England: Harvard UniversityPress [p4]


4 thoughts on “Any hypothesis is good enough for me

    • I found Ruin the sacred truths an intriguing read, and Bloom’s insights both provocative and thought-provoking (if I might be permitted to draw so fastidious a distinction).

      I am inclined toward the view of criticism as an open-ended, interactive discourse, in which critiques themselves become part of the literature, and thus, in their turn, subjects for critique. Bloom’s hypotheses are, indeed, part of a literature of speculation and wonder.

    • Harold Bloom meant whatever he meant … but I do not limit myself to discovering only what he intended.

      Being inclined to follow the example of Roland Barthes — for whom there is nothing that cannot be treated as ‘text’ — I quoted (or maybe hijacked) Bloom’s words as a way of pointing to the possibility that any hypothesis might indeed be useful for something …

      “… still, a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest …” (Simon & Garfunkel, in The Boxer)

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