Communication calls for passion and compassion

… communication is a matter of hearts willing to communicate and not limited to verbal language … (Antiphon’s Garden)

Those words quoted above are part of a comment Antiphon’s Garden made on “a brief note” about Esperanto, posted by RT on The Rag Tree.

Antiphon’s Garden is the nom de plume of a bilingual blogster notable for her stimulating and provocative posts — some in French, some in English — and for her pertinent comments on the blogs of other writers.

AG’s motivation: “Sitting on my garden bench, I help a few people to increase their perception and handle these new insights. Philosophy includes for me, living in nature, being creative, and annoying the absurd aspects of society out of compassion for this planet and its fragile inhabitants.”

A treatise known as On Truth, of which only fragments survive, is attributed to Antiphon the Sophist, a contemporary of Socrates, and living in Athens (possibly) in the last two decades of the 5th century BC. The treatise is said to be “of great value to political theory, as it appears to be a precursor to natural rights theory” (from biographical notes about Antiphon the Sophist, a webpage belonging to the School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of St Andrews, Scotland).

You might also like to read Wikipedia’s article about Antiphon the Sophist.


3 thoughts on “Communication calls for passion and compassion

    • I wondered … I thought about it … I looked (without success) for a clear indicator. So I guessed … but I guessed wrong! So now I have, in two places, amended “his” to “her” in this piece.

      It’s not always clear to readers whether the writer of a blog identifies as male or female ― especially when a female employs an avatar that seems to point to a male precursor.

      Oh! yes … (you probably guessed) I am male.

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