“The Road Home” takes some wrong turns

“I think most people embrace religion because it gives them a set of rules,” Sam said. “They tell themselves as long as they follow those rules they’ll be happy. But how often those same people hurt others, or themselves? How often are they still miserable? That’s what I find so interesting. They follow the rules and they still aren’t happy.” (Michael Thomas Ford, in The Road Home)

The Road Home (cover)

The Road Home (cover)

The review posted by Jackson Case on After Elton — “the pop culture site that plays for your team” — does some straight talking: “The book is definitely readable, written in Ford’s trademark breezy style. But somewhere along the way, the plot takes several strange turns. 

“Weirdly, the most important storyline in the book, the romance with the 20-year-old, never really goes anywhere.”

Click on the image to read the review in full, or take a look at what various other reviewers say about the novel on Amazon.

Ford, Michael Thomas. 2010. The road home. New York: Kensington Publishing Group [p191]


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