Everybody loves Vermeer …

Everybody loves Vermeer, except me. (Francis Bacon)

There’s nothing special in falling for a Vermeer, writes William Fiennes in the Winter 2010 edition of Intelligent Life Magazine. In Amsterdam for a Radiohead concert, he was, he says, determined to visit the Rijksmuseum.

‘Woman in Blue Reading a Letter’, by Vermeer

‘Woman in Blue Reading a Letter’, by Vermeer

“I wanted to see Vermeer’s painting ‘Woman in Blue Reading a Letter’ … I loved that picture: the stillness; the woman’s concentration; the pale blue smock over her pregnancy; the mystery of what she might be reading; the way the inner world implied by reading was equal to the world represented by the map hanging on the wall behind her. I’d stuck a postcard of the painting above my desk, and wondered if I’d ever get to see it in the flesh.”

I found William Fiennes’ article, ‘Less is even more’, an interesting read. But, as usual, I got diverted — by the simple fact that the images in the article wouldn’t ‘show’.

Google Images to the rescue; I found plenty of pictures … and a plethora of related links. These two are worth a look: (1) Echoes of Vermeer and (2) J.-E Berger Foundation.


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