Crossing the carpark

To learn something new, take the path that you took yesterday. (John Burroughs, American essayist and naturalist, 1837-1921) 

The shortcut across the carpark behind St Peter’s church is not one I take every day; enjoying variety, I have a number of routes home, and take whichever of them appeals at the time. Having said that, I know the carpark and the path beside the church very well.

I suspect it was some particular quality of the evening light that made me notice what I’d always missed before.

But who knows why this particular cross? — it’s a carpark, after all … it has as many white crosses as a graveyard.  

carpark cross (04 Feb 2011)

carpark cross (04 Feb 2011)

Whenever two perpendicular lines intersect, a cross results — a strong graphic image, and one loaded with a considerable amount of cultural and historical ‘cargo’. 

The camera’s 3:4 aspect ratio makes it easy to further ‘condition’ the viewer’s experience of looking at this painted intersection.

The graphic shape is quite familiar, so it is not difficult to look past it into the details of shape and texture.

And that’s what I found interesting.


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