The world of appearances

… Reality, the sole Reality … is Non-Being – the noumenal source from which arises the world of appearances. (Kenneth Grant, in Cults of the Shadow)

In fact, this is only the tail end of a quote I found recently on a blog calling itself Ewakening : Unconditioned Awareness. Although far from easy reading, the quote is worth reading in full, but I found it easier to manage once I’d got the ‘goal-posts’ aligned.


One thought on “The world of appearances

  1. divine… atom is signature of zero… balance….nothing to everything…
    .language of computer…..01….water is zero with heat becomes invisible…..with cold becomes visible ice……so because of zero comes one…in atom neutron is zero…..attached is proton positive…….because of proton comes ……equal and opposite electrons….

    thanks for the post….Ewakening looks nice..

    love all…

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