The point of a story

–What’s the point of that story, then? asked Billy. |

–The point of my story is the story itself, answered Guy, signalling Lucy for another drink. –Anyone who looks for morals or lessons in stories is worse than a fool, he is a coward.


–All you need is love, said Guy, smiling at Lucy, who smiled back.

(James Greer, in The Failure)

This is one of those books that demands to be taken on its own terms. I’ve slipped it in through the slot now, but I’m almost certain I read the ‘warning’ on the back cover or somewhere that The Failure is “genre-defying”.

You’d better read it for yourself. But if you need further convincing, have a look at this link.

Greer, James. 2010. The failure. New York: Akashic Books. [p172-3]

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