Symbol clusters and instincts

Most people, trapped as they are in symbol clusters and instincts, do not even know that they exist. Even the smartest of us are enacting bare protocols of subsistence, food acquisition, self-projection, and object possession. We are set on the implacable tracks of a machinery of eternal return. …. What are we unknowingly projecting now, that in twenty thousand years will become the Earth? Will our civilization of machines survive long enough to launch a civilization of light? (Richard Grossinger, from 2013: Raising the Earth to the Next Vibration (p58)

Easy reading, Grossinger is not. In fact, even having revisited this quotation several times recently (on Ewakening), I’m still not quite up to tackling the book.

The notion of “our civilization of machines” is familiar to me. And I entertain some vague hope of a “civilization of light”. Getting from one to the other is something else again.

Einstein had the right idea: “A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” But even scientists need a bit of Rumi: “I look in your inmost self and see the universe not yet created.”


One thought on “Symbol clusters and instincts

  1. science is a collective journey…..religion is a individual journey……in science research where one starts from the platform already there….but in spiritual research every person has to raise own question and find own answers….

    science is the dimension of body….the robotics…….but religion is science of soul….freedom……

    some body asked me can you make god laugh…..replied….tell your predictions……

    be happy….

    love all…

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