An expanding Singularity

  “… Things going on. Great advances. Constantly increasing speed, infinite power, all knowledge and cognition sliding down into an expanding Singularity that will suck everything up and remake the universe. And what do I actually get? The ability to learn the uninformed opinions of everyone in the world through round-cornered communications devices my fat fingers are too big to use.” (Alexander Jablokov, in Brain Thief)

Oh my! There’s just so much in this piece of writing. And it’s so full of juice, I feel like I’m slobbering and the juice is running down over my chin and staining my T-shirt.

I can really only begin to touch on three points today. (I’ll really need to start tackling some of these issues in more detail at an early date.)

One: The language of science in general – and the Big Bang model in particular – is sounding increasingly like the language of the ancient esoteric teachings.

Two: “The ability to learn the uninformed opinions of everyone in the world …” The essence of blogging. (And I really enjoy the ironic description.)

Three: “… an expanding Singularity …” Take a look here: Antimatter : Life in a puzzling universe

Jablokov, Alexander. 2009. Brain thief. New York: Tom Douherty Associates [p153]

2 thoughts on “An expanding Singularity

  1. divine…..simple to understand yet complex to explain…..

    We will know god through modern science but we
    must test the nector of the precepts and the wisdom
    of the sages and saints who explored the
    non-attributive .

    we may compare the modern scientific finding in the
    light of the wisdom of saints and may be amazed to
    similarities in both the findings.

    For example:-

    We could only know particles of atom by year 1900-50
    as neutron ,proton,electron and their properties but
    thousands of years before this fact was expressed
    through mythological wisdom stories like in hindu
    philosophy Vishnu as neutron, Brahman as proton,
    and Shiva as electron.and all together they govern
    the TRILOGY.

    eternity is dancing on eternity like football…..
    enjoy the cosmic cup……

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