About time

Time does whatever it likes, no matter who claims to know its mysteries. And Heraclitus and Einstein can both shut the hell up about trying to figure it out. (From Christian Moerk’s novel, Darling Jim)

This isn’t the post you might have seen today – which was going to be one of the recent shots that haven’t been groomed and polished in the carwash that is Photoshop. A call from a friend this morning had me work on another image altogether. Be that has it may.

Furthermore, this post isn’t about Darling Jim, or even about a book … 

It’s about my new shoes.

In passing.

I asked the girl at the shop today to bury my old shoes – “I’m determined not to take them home,” I told her.

So she put them in a cardboard coffin and took them away.

There’s a lot of new stuff coming into my life … and a lot of old stuff being given away, thrown away, and put away.

About time.

Moerk, Christian. Darling Jim. [Copyright © 2007.] 2009. New York: Henry Holt and Company. [p223]


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