Wait till you see the photos!

A grandmother took her son’s twin baby boys to the park, where she met up with one of her friends.

“Are these your grandchildren? Your son’s boys? How wonderful … how handsome.”

“Yes, but wait till you see the photos!”

That’s my version of a story someone told me years ago. I can’t remember the details or the circumstances … but the punch-line is unforgettable.

That little joke is akin to something Andy Warhol said: “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes even when the people in it do.”

On one level, it’s about memory and nostalgia … and about growing and changing. But there’s something else – perhaps it has to do with a picture’s ability to hold the viewer, to focus the attention, to discipline, refine and distil the viewer’s experience; and sometimes the viewer gets to share in what the photographer experienced.

Andy Warhol’s aphorism makes reference to “the people in [a picture]”; in the majority of instances, this does not apply to my photos – because I don’t photograph people very often. But I do regard my images as having a life independent of (or at least beyond) the context in which they were captured and selected, shaped and retouched.

There are plans (or at least, intentions) to have galleries of photos on this blog. In the meantime, they’ll appear, one or two at a time, in the left-hand column and in some posts.


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